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For drivers and putters, the fee is $20 for the demo including free shipping to the destination. You can select up to 2 Drivers or Shafts to Demo per TRYCADI order. Please note that there may be a temporary hold (pre-authorization that is pending on your credit card) full amount of the demo club(s). In most cases we use third party services to precheck users. In the case that a Preauthorization is used by Cadi, it will hold the entire amount of both products ordered during the trial duration. Whether you use a credit or debit card, these funds will not be available for the duration of the hold. If you decide to keep the club, we will release the hold, charge you for the club(s) you keep. If you decide to return the club, we will release the hold, minus $20 TRYCADI demo fee within 3 days of receiving the club (s). Availability of the released funds will vary depending on individual financial institutions.