Cadi Inc. was created with a simple and obvious idea: buying golf clubs should be fun and devoid of buyer’s remorse. 

Founded by entrepreneurs Tyler, Andrew, and Matt, now over the hill basketball players turned avid golfers. In 2015, we walked into a big box golf shop to replace a 10 year old driver. The process to find the right club was miserable and ended up spending hundreds on a club that didn’t work. This had to change. 

We applied our competitive spirit and passion to evolve the golf industry, Cadi set out to create the best golf club demo and buying experience in the world. 

This means freedom to try clubs on the course and conveniently comparing all the best brands all before being asked to buy. 

No more driving back and forth to golf stores, no more nets and simulators, no more buyer’s remorse.

Only seeing and feeling real ball flight. Simply more fun. is bringing the best Try Before You Buy experience in golf to your doorstep.